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Cream cheese or the first capital of the United States?

Филадельфия, PA, Pensilvania, Пенсильвания

And what do you associate with the word “Philadelphia”? The fact that the taste of this cheese is excellent I will not argue, but still my post is about one of the oldest cities in the United States.
Benjamin Franklin, Филадельфия

Philadelphia for me is something between Washington and New York. The atmosphere of small and quiet town reigns in the historical part of the city, kind of like Washington, and it takes a little drive to the side for skyscrapers to rise about your head, crazy traffic jams to emerge and life to abound like in New York. That is what makes Philadelphia so special.

ФиладельфияWe were incredibly lucky since we did not buy tickets in advance and still managed to get into, perhaps, the most historical place in the United States – the Independence Hall.
Independence Hall, Филадельфия, Индепенденс-Холл, достопримечательности Филадельфии, ПенсильванияAssembly Room is where the Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776 and the US Constitution in 1787, – the most important documents in the history of the country. Their originals are stored in the National Archives and Records Administration (Washington).
Филадельфия, Индепенденс-Холл, Independence Hall, Assembly RoomIn addition, the building of Independence Hall is a location of the Supreme Court Room, Governor’s Council Chamber and Committee of Assembly Chamber.
Supreme court, Independence Hall , Индепенденс-Холл, Филадельфия philadelphia-independence_hall-supreme_court Governors Council Chamber, Independence Hall, Индепенденс-Холл, Филадельфия, Пенсильвания philadelphia-Independence_hall-Committee_of_Assembly_ChamberVery close to Independence Hall is the Congress Hall, which served as the Congress of the United States only for 10 years. But during that time, the country recognized three new states – Vermont, Kentucky and Tennessee, ratified the Bill of Rights and observed second inauguration of George Washington and later of John Adams.
Congress Hall, Филадельфия Congress Hall, Филадельфия, Конгресс ХолOn the second floor of this building was the US Senate.philadelphia-congress_hall-senate-1 philadelphia-congress_hall-senateIf you look out of the window of Independence Hall and cross the road, you can see the famous Liberty Bell that convened the residents of Philadelphia to announcement of the Declaration of Independence.
Колокол Свободы

And do you also have the Liberty Bell in the upper right corner of your US visa? 🙂Колокол Свободы, Филадельфия, Пенсильвания, Pensilvania, PA, Philadelphia, Liberty bellThen we wanted to go to the Philadelphia Museum of Arts since it is famous for the works of artists of Pennsylvania, but it was too late and it was closed. But we, being in good cheer, took pictures next to it and went to “modern” Philadelphia.
philadelphia-16 philadelphia-18Soon, we learned that it was on the steps of the museum that the movie “Rocky”, which won three Oscars, was filmed.
philadelphia-museum_of_art philadelphia-19Finally, we drove along the Benjamin Franklin Boulevard, which led to the City Hall. Along it, hung the flags of all countries of the world. And can you imagine? We found a sign that read «Ukraine / Ukraine”, but the flag itself was not there. Even despite the fact that this was not the only flag absent, our indignation knew no bounds.

philadelphia-27We walked around the City Hall, looked at the skyscrapers, went to dinner before the trip and went back to Washington.
philadelphia-town_hall philadelphia-22 philadelphia-23 philadelphia-25We had a view of the mentioned sightseeing within 5 hours. But honestly, there are places there that I would I definitely want to visit, especially the aquarium. 🙂 I love animals – what can you do? 🙂 philadelphia-29And I did not try the cheese, so we definitely have to come back. 🙂

The places I visited and recommend you:

  • Independence Hall
  • Congress Hall
  • Franklin Town Boulevard
  • Philadelphia museum of art
  • Liberty bell
  • Philadelphia City Hall

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